The 3 Time Functions Most Used in Microsoft Excel

The 3 Time Functions Most Used in Microsoft Excel


Excel provides three functions that help us work with time information in a Worksheet. These functions are useful for extracting information specific about the hour, the minute and the second of a cell containing data with a Number category of Time.


Each function, according to its name, extracts a specific part of the data information (hour, minute or second) with only specifying the cell containing the data you want to analyze. For example, suppose that cell B2 has the following information:

Time Type Data in Microsoft Excel


1. The HOUR function

To get only the hour number of this cell you can use the HOUR function as follows:

The Hour Function in Microsoft Excel

Just see that Microsoft Excel returns the 17 value because the hours by default is showed with the 24 hours format.

2. The MINUTE function

To get the result of the minutes we use the MINUTE function as follows:

The Minute Function in Microsoft Excel


3. The SECOND function

Finally the last one is the SECOND function to get the value of the seconds of the cell information:

The Second Function in Microsoft Excel

We learn in this post that when you need to extract specific information from a cell value related to time, you can use those 3 functions to get the specific value of hour, minute and second that you can use in later calculations. You can learn more about Microsoft Excel Time functions here: Excel School