Share and Send Excel Workbooks

Share and Send Workbooks in Excel



Share a Workbook with Other Users:

You can allow multiple users to modify a workbook simultaneously by sharing the workbook. Once you have shared a workbook, other users can open the workbook via a network connection and edit the file at the same time. When you share a workbook, Excel automatically begins tracking the changes made to the file. For more information on this feature, see “Track Workbook Changes” later in this chapter. Note, as well, that this task assumes you have saved the workbook in a folder that other people can access over the network.

Send a Workbook as an E-Mail Attachment:

If you want to send an Excel workbook to another person, you can attach the workbook to an e-mail message and send it to that person’s e-mail address. The other person can then open the workbook in Excel after receiving your message. Sharing a workbook via e-mail is useful in situations where the other user does not have access to your network. This enables the recipient to examine the workbook, make changes to it, and then send the workbook to you via e-mail.