Scandinavian Infograpic in Excel

Scandinavian Infograpic in Excel

The above infographic is one of my favourites of the Nordic region. It is very simple and yet tells a story about 4 countries in Scandinavia. The Excel infographic has the top 5 companies for each country (Iceland is excluded due to its small size – sorry). It has data on career and staffing data. There is some population metrics, GDP and GDP Growth which is low all around the world as a result of the global downturn after 2008. Let’s hope that ends soon.

There is a map of the Scandinavian region on the far right and the colour of the map is different for each country. I have tried to keep each of the countries core data in line with the colour of the map. There are some pictures to add context for the region. This is a nice to have though.

The following is the Excel infographic which makes up the file.  Enjoy.

Nordic Infographic.xlsx

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