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Welcome to the Best Excel Tutorial in web. Here you are going to know in deep one of the most powerful tools - Microsoft Excel - and you can learn how to use Excel and all its functionalities. You are going to discover how to create Dashboards, Charts, Functions, Formulas, Tables, Pivot Tables, Analyze Big Data, Filter and so on. Lets begin and you are going to see it.


In the first part of the Excel Tutorial, your going to learn all about the first movements inside the program. How to use Excel Basics features, understand the layout, some navigation inside the applications, the menus, the buttons and beginning with the first basics calculation an operations in the Worksheets.

This first part contains the following Chapters:

1- The Excel Window Layout: Learn all about the main sections where you can navigate.

2- The Excel Ribbon: Understand where the Excel Buttons are.

3- The Excel Galleries: A lot of pre-designed forms and text utilities.

4- Excel Smart Tags: A New specific tool in Microsoft Excel to improve your reports.

5- Change Views: Learn how to change the view in the Excel Worksheet.

6- The Excel Worksheet Layout: Understand the parts to begin with Excel operations.

7- Navigate and Rename Worksheets: you can organize all your information in the workbooks.

8- Create and Move Excel Worksheets: Create great reports using different worksheets in Excel.

9- Copy and Delete Worksheets: Continue with basic operations with the Excel worksheets

10- Activate the Gridlines: Use this tools to organize your Worksheet.

11- The Excel Headings: Show or hide the headings to show reports.

12- Create a New Workbook: Start with a Blank Workbook or save time using a Template.

13- Save and Open Workbooks: Save your information an store it and use it later.

14- Arrange Excel Windows: See two or more Workbooks at the same time.

15- Find Text in a Workbook: Learn how to find an specific text in Excel.

16- Replace Text in a Workbook: You can find a text and replace it by another one.


In the second part of the Excel Tutorial, we are going to teach you all about one of the useful tools, the formatting will help you to obtain good looking reports and Dashboards.

That contains the following Chapters:

1- Formatting Fonts: Learn how to change the appearance of fonts in Excel.

2- Formatting Texts: Change the appearance of texts in Excel.

3- Formatting Numbers: You can change the appearance of numbers in Excel

4- Conditional Format and Styles: Save time using Pre-defined Styles and Formats in Excel

5- Width and Height in Cells: Improve your tables  changing the size of the Excel cells.

6- Draw Cell Borders in Excel: Create reports changing the cells borders.

7- Modify Workbook Colors: Change the colors configuration of a Workbook.

8- Change Workbook Fonts: Configure the type of font that you want in a Workbook.

9- Apply a Theme: Apply a entire Theme configuration in a Workbook.


In the third Unit we are going to get in deeper in the Excel Tutorial, learning how to operate with ranges, cells, rows and columns. You can understand how to insert different kind of data in cells and how to operate with it.

This Unit contains the following Chapters:

1- Enter Text in a Cell: Learn to insert Text in the Excel cells.

2- Enter Numbers in a Cell: Understand how to insert Numbers in Cells in Excel

3- Enter Date and Time Data: Insert Date and Time in Excel Cells

4- Insert a Symbol: Using Symbols in the Excel Worksheets

5- Edit and Delete Data in Excel: Learn how to edit and delete data in Excel.

6- Operations with Ranges: You can move, copy, sort, filter the ranges, and so on.

7- Insert Ranges in a Worksheet: Learn to insert rows and columns in Excel.

8- Delete Ranges in a Worksheet: Organize your reports deleting rows and columns.

9- Hide and Freeze Rows and Columns: Create good looking reports with those tools.

10- Merge and Transpose Rows and Columns: Utility for productivity and create dashboards.

11- Range Names in Excel: Work naming ranges and you can be faster creating reports.


The fourth part of this excel tutorial is everything about one of the most impressive and amazing excel tools, the formulas. You can create complex calculations, or simple math calcs, or maybe using one of more than 300 functions that allows you to save time when you create dashboards, tables, reports, charts and so on:

Here you can find the following chapters:

1- Creating Excel Formulas: Learn how to use excel formulas in your worksheets.

2- Using Excel Functions: Improve your excel formulas including pre-defined excel functions

3- Add a Function to a Formula: Create complex calculations using Excel function in your formulas

4- Add Numbers and Autosum Function: Excel Tutorial to learn basics calculations - Addition of Numbers

5- Range Name in Formula: Learn how to use a Range Name in an Excel formula.

6- Move or Copy Formulas: You can Move or Copy Formulas in Excel


In this part of this excel tutorial we are going to see everything about one of the most important Excel features, the Charts. You are going lo learn how to use Excel charts, how to edit them, to create different kind of charts, create dashboards, edit elements, titles, layouts, styles and so on.

Here you can find the following chapters.

1- Chart Elements and Types: Learn to change the elements in a chart.

2- How to Create an Excel Chart: Learn How to Create Powerful Excel Charts.

3- Insert Titles, Labels and Tables in Excel Charts: You can complement your charts with those features.

4- Add Legends and Gridlines to an Excel Chart: Make Charts easy to analize with Legends and Gridlines.

5- Excel Chart Layout And Style: Learn all the parts of the Charts, their Layout and change Styles.

6- Change Excel Chart Type: You can easily chante the type of a Chart in Excel.

7- Format the Excel Chart Elements: Create greatExcel Charts, formatting their Elements.

8- Customize the Excel Chart Elements Background: You can add visual interest to a chart customizing the background.

9- Excel Chart Elements Outline: Customize the Chart Elements Outline.

10- Adding Effects in Excel Charts: Learn How to Add Effects in Excel Charts.

11- Apply Style to a Chart Element in Excel: Change the Excel Chart Elements Appearance in an Easy Way.


Finally in the last part of this excel tutorial you can learn advanced Excel Data Analysis. Here we are going to explain you the most important tools and gadgets to analyse your data with features like Sort Ranges, Filters, Validations of Data, Tables, Subtotals, and so on

Here you can find the following chapters.

1- Sort Ranges in Microsoft Excel: Analyse your data sorting in ascending or descending way.

2- Filter Ranges in Microsoft Excel: Make analysis filtering the data that you want to see in Excel.

3- Validation Rules in Excel: Take control of data that you want to have in your Worksheets

4- Convert Ranges to a Table in Excel: Create a Table Selecting Ranges in Excel

5- Create a Table in Microsoft Excel: Create a Table and organize your Data.

6- Learn How to Use Subtotals Tool in Excel: Analyse your data using subtotals tool.

7- Learn How to Insert Excel Comments: Use Comments to identify Specific Information

8- Protecting Excel Workbooks: Protect your workbooks and allow to modify specific cells

9- Share and Send Excel Workbooks: Share and Send Excel Workbooks and allow to modify them

10- Track the Changes of an Excel Workbook: Take control of your Workbook Changes

11- Multiple Save Options for an Excel Workbook: Save your Data as Web Page and Uploaded into your Site.

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