Learn to Format Numbers in Excel

Formatting Numbers in Excel




Apply a Number Format: You can make your worksheet easier to read by applying a number format to your data. For example, if your worksheet includes monetary data, you can apply the Currency format to display each value with a dollar sign and two decimal places.

Excel offers ten number formats, most of which apply to numeric data. However, you can also apply the Date format to date data, the Time format to time data, and the Text format to text data.

Change the Number of Decimal Places Displayed: You can make your numeric values easier to read and interpret by adjusting the number of decimal places that Excel displays. For example, you might want to ensure that all dollar and cent values show two decimal places, while dollar-only values show no decimal places. Similarly, Excel often displays values with a large number of decimal places.

If you do not require the extra decimals. For example, if the values are simple temperatures or interest rates. You can make them easier to read by reducing the number of decimals. You can either decrease or increase the number of decimal places that Excel displays.