Jump Directly to a Cell with Formula

Jump Directly to a Cell with Formula

I was involved in a post to trace the precedents and dependents of a cell.  My answer while accurate was a bit long winded as it turns out (happens more often than I like to admit).  Here is a link to the thread on the Chandoo forum.

Chandoo Jump to Cell Thread

The question was along the lines of how do I jump directly to a cell with formula?

I was all about the “click on Formula – Trace Precedents – then click OK and it jumps to the sheet and cell which the formula references.”  However Debraj a regular on the Chandoo forum and fellow Excel Ninja nailed it.  The following is a very insightful shortcut and I dip my hat to Debraj for this little pearl.

Ctrl + [         Ctrl & Square Open Bracket- > Trace Precedent..
Ctrl + ]        Ctrl & Square Closed Bracket   – > Trace Dependent

By doing the above the first method Ctrl [ will jump to another sheet if that is where the link is.  This is so much faster than going through the menu and a real time saver.  Love it to death and will use it religiously – hope you are in the camp that use this tool too now.

Another option as pointed out in the thread is to go Excel Options > Advanced and deselect “Allow editing directly in cells”, then when you double-click your formula in your Summary Sheet you automatically jump to the cell reference.