Insert Watermark in Excel

Picture Watermark Inserted in Excel

To insert a watermark in Excel you need to use an alternative technique. This is because the tool does not have an integrated functionality for this task. This time I will show you how to use a text or an image as a watermark.

Text Watermark in Excel

Once you are on the sheet where you want to insert a text as a watermark you must click on the Insert tab. Then press the Header & Footer button which is inside the Text section.
Header and Footer Excel Button
For both, Header and Footer within the Excel sheet, a new area will be inserted. Within the Header enter the text you want to display as a watermark. Select the appropriate size of the font as well as its color.

Text Watermark in Header

Finally, to move the text down, position the cursor at the beginning of the word. Then press the Enter key as many times as necessary to have the text at the height you want
Position the Watermark in Sheet Text Watermark in Excel

Picture Watermark in Excel

We must use the same procedure explained in the Header of a sheet to place a picture as a watermark in Excel only that this time, we really going to insert an image instead of writing a text. Once we are ready to insert the Header we must go to the contextual tab Header and Footer Tools. Then in the Design section and press the Picture button.

Add Picture in Header Button

A dialog box will be displayed that will allow us to search for the image that we want to insert. Then pressing the Insert button the text &[Picture] will be displayed as part of the Sheet Header.

Inserting a Picture in the Header

To see the picture that you have inserted in the header, it is sufficient to click on any cell outside the Header. After that Excel will show the picture as a watermark.

Picture Watermark Inserted in Excel

If you want to move the image downwards you should follow the same technique shown above. You have to position the cursor at the beginning of the Header text, putting it before the & symbol. Then press the Enter key to move the image down.

If you need to change the size of the picture, that we just inserted as a watermark, do the following. Select the button Format the Picture found in the Header and Footer Elements section of the contextual toolbox Header and Footer Tools.

Format a Picture Inserted in Header

After that, to achieve the necessary adjustments, you will be able to experiment with the properties of the picture in the dialog box that appears.

I hope that this post helps you in your learning. If you have some suggestions, comments, etc, don’t hesitate to write us. You can learn more applications about the appearance here in Excel MOOC Formatting