How to Use Excel Comments

How to Use Excel Comments



Excel allows you to insert comments in any cell of your Worksheet in Microsoft Excel. Those Excel Comments are very useful to make a check, give some instructions or simply give a detailed explanation about the cell content.

Add a comment to a Cell

The first step is to select the cell that you will add the comment and then go to the Review tab and in the group Comments and press the New Comment button (In MAC only New). Clicking on that button, the box necessary to enter the comment is displayed.

Add a Microsoft Excel Comment

Enter your comment in the box and to finish click outside the box. If you need to enlarge the box only positions the mouse over any of the corners and drag the edge to have the desired size. Excel identifies a cell that has a comment through a small triangle in the upper right corner of the cell. To see the comment from a cell only you must position the mouse over that cell and Excel will display the comment.

Modify or Eliminate a Comment

When you select a cell containing a comment Edit and Delete Comment buttons are enabled.

Excel Comment Options

Clicking on the Edit Comment button will show the comment box allowing you to do the editing again. If instead you want to delete the comment is sufficient to press the Delete button. Now if you have an Excel worksheet that contains many comments, you can use the Previous and Next buttons to move between each. Or conversely, if you want to display all comments sheet at the same time you can click Show All Comments button. You can learn more about Microsoft Excel Comments and Review options here: Excel School