How to Select Cells by Value in Microsoft Excel

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When you have a lot of data in a table and want only to select a group of cells with a certain value we can use Excel search for quick selection of those cells.

From the following table of data I want to select all the cells that have the value $ 1,000 and once selected place the cell text in bold

Select Cells by Value

Selecting by the Search Method

An alternative is to use the Excel search box to select the cells that meet the condition set. To do that we open the search bog, then we specify the value we’re looking for and finally click the Find All button.

Find All Selected Data by Value

Excel display all the cells that match the specified value, we select only the results for the worksheet cells are also selected Tip: To select all results can click on the first row of results and then press the Shift key and click the last row. Since you have selected all results, close the search window and observe the cells selected in the worksheet ready to apply the text in bold

Formatting Select Data

Using a Conditional Formatting Rule

If we make a selection of cells to make a format modification, then we can use an alternative method Once we have selected the range containing the information (b2:E16) I must press the Condittional Format button on the Home tab and select the Highlight cell rules option and then Equal To button.

Conditional Formatting to Select Cells by Value

In the dialog box I have to specify the quantity that I’m looking for and select the Custom Format option.

Custom Format

Then I’m going to select a Bold style for the fonts to format the cells that comply with this rule

Conditional Formatting Bold Style

Then click OK to close the dialog box and then click OK to apply the conditional formatting rule, we will have the cells of value equal to $1000 with a bold style format. Excel Total