Hide or Freeze Rows & Columns in Excel

Hide or Freeze Rows & Columns in Excel




If you do not need to see or work with a row or column temporarily, you can make your worksheet easier to read and to navigate by hiding the row or column. Hiding a row or column is also useful if you are showing someone a worksheet that contains private or sensitive data that you do not want the person to see.

For example, if a row or column contains salary data, passwords, or Social Security numbers, you should hide the row or column to protect this data from non-permitted viewers.

Freeze Rows or Columns: As you vertically scroll a worksheet, you can keep your column labels in view by freezing the row or rows that contain the labels. This makes it easier to review and edit the existing data and to insert new data to the worksheet because you can always see the column labels.

If your worksheet also includes row labels, you can keep those labels in view as you horizontally scroll the worksheet by freezing the column or columns that contain the labels.


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