Excel Ranges



In the third Unit we are going to get in deeper in the Excel Tutorial, learning how to operate with ranges, cells, rows and columns. You can understand how to insert different kind of data in cells and how to operate with it.

This Unit contains the following Chapters:

1- Enter Text in a Cell: Learn to insert Text in the Excel cells.
2- Enter Numbers in a Cell: Understand how to insert Numbers in Cells in Excel
Enter Date and Time in a Cell
3- Enter Date and Time Data: Insert Date and Time in Excel Cells
4- Insert a Symbol: Using Symbols in the Excel Worksheets
Edit and Delete Data in Excel
5- Edit and Delete Data in Excel: Learn how to edit and delete data in Excel.
Operations with Ranges in Excel
6- Operations with Ranges: You can move, copy, sort, filter the ranges, and so on.
7- Insert Ranges in a Worksheet: Learn to insert rows and columns in Excel.
8- Delete Ranges in a Worksheet: Organize your reports deleting rows and columns.
Hide and Freeze Rows and Columns in Excel
9- Hide and Freeze Rows and Columns: Create good looking reports with those tools.
Merge and Transpose Rows and Columns in Excel
10- Merge and Transpose Rows and Columns: Utility for productivity and create dashboards.
11- Range Names in Excel: Work naming ranges and you can be faster creating reports.