Excel Formulas



The fourth part of this excel tutorial is everything about one of the most impressive and amazing excel tools the formulas. You can create complex calculations, or simple math calcs, or maybe using one of more than 300 functions that allows you to save time when you create dashboards, tables, reports, charts and so on:


Here you can find the following chapters.

1- Creating Excel Formulas: Learn how to use excel formulas in your worksheets.
2- Using Excel Functions: Improve your excel formulas including pre-defined excel functions
3- Add a Function to a Formula: Create complex calculations using Excel function in your formulas
4- Add Numbers and Autosum Function: Excel Tutorial to learn basics calculations - Addition of Numbers
5- Range Name in Formula: Learn how to use a Range Name in an Excel formula.
6- Move or Copy Formulas: You can Move or Copy Formulas in Excel