Excel Formatting



In the second part of the Excel Tutorial, we are going to teach you all about one of the useful tools, the formatting will help you to obtain good looking reports and Dashboards.

That contains the following Chapters:

1- Formatting Fonts: Learn how to change the appearance of fonts in Excel
2- Formatting Texts: Change the appearance of texts in Excel
3- Formatting Numbers: You can change the appearance of numbers in Excel
4- Conditional Format and Styles: Save time using Pre-defined Styles and Formats in Excel
5- Width and Height in Cells: Improve your tables  changing the size of the Excel cells.
6- Draw Cell Borders in Excel: Create reports changing the cells borders.
7- Modify Workbook Colors: Change the colors configuration of a Workbook.
8- Change Workbook Fonts: Configure the type of font that you want in a Workbook.
9- Apply a Theme: Apply a entire Theme configuration in a Workbook.