Insert Watermark in Excel

November 18, 2017 0

To insert a watermark in Excel you need to use an alternative technique. This is because the tool does not have an integrated functionality for this Read More

Reshaping your data easily – Case study [Pivot tables FTW]

April 17, 2017 0

Late. Jayaram, my uncle is also a teacher. When I was a kid, I used to spend a lot of time with him, learning all sorts of things. He taught me chess, maths and so many life lessons. I remember one such lesson very vividly.  One day, he asked me to do something. I did it in a very long way. After seeing me struggle for several minutes, he chipped in and showed me how to do it easily. He then said, “when someone asks you where your nose is, you don’t twist arm around your head. You just point to your nose directly.”

The idea is that when you have a direct, simple way to do something, you should use it.

Nose and pivot tables… how are they connected?

We are coming to the point. Read on for full case study and solution. Read More

Quickly reset the last cell and minimize the used range

April 13, 2017 0

Quickly reset the last cell on your sheet and minimize the used rangeSave 5 minutes a day by using ASAP Utilities to quickly reset the used range on your worksheet. “Easily reset the last cell on your sheet” Have you ever been frustrated when Excel acts as if the active area of your worksheet is significantly larger than the actual area where you have data? Sometimes the […] Read More

Auto numbering on steroids

April 12, 2017 0

Quick numbering on filtered data tooSave 5 minutes a day by using ASAP Utilities to quickly insert a series of values into your cells. “Easily insert a series of values” Sometimes you need a bit more flexibility than Excel offers with its built-in Fill tool. For example to restart the count when a certain value is reached, add a pre-fix […] Read More

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