Excel Analysis

Data Analysis excel


Finally in the last part of this excel tutorial you can learn advanced Data Analysis Excel. Here we are going to explain you the most important tools and gadgets to analyse your data with features like Sort Ranges, Filters, Validations of Data, Tables, Subtotals, and so on. Additional to that we are going to show you how to manage your workbooks in a collaborative way with anther users, putting comments, protecting cells and ranges, sharing, sending your workbooks.

Here you can find the following chapters:

1- Sort Ranges in Microsoft Excel: Analyse your data sorting in ascending or descending way.
2- Filter Ranges in Microsoft Excel: Make Excel analysis filtering the data that you want to see in Excel.
3- Validation Rules in Excel: Take control of data that you want to have in your Worksheets
4- Convert Ranges to a Table in Excel: Create a Table Selecting Ranges in Excel
5- Create a Table in Microsoft Excel: Create a Table and organize your Data.
6- Learn How to Use Subtotals Tool in Excel: Excel Analysis of your data using subtotals tool.
7- Learn How to Insert Excel Comments: Use Comments to identify Specific Information
8- Protecting Excel Workbooks: Protect your workbooks and allow to modify specific cells
9- Share and Send Excel Workbooks: Share and Send Excel Workbooks and allow to modify them
10- Track the Changes of an Excel Workbook: Take control of your Workbook Changes
11- Multiple Save Options for an Excel Workbook: Save your Data as Web Page and Uploaded into your Site.

Excel Data Analysis