Enter Text in an Excel Cell



Enter Text into a Cell.

Text entries can include any combination of letters, symbols, and numbers. You will mostly use text to describe the contents of your worksheets. This is very important because even a modest-sized spreadsheet can become a confusing jumble of numbers without some kind of text guidelines to keep things straight.


Most text entries are usually labels such as Sales or Territory, that make a worksheet easier to read. However, text entries can also be text and number combinations, for items such as phone numbers and account codes.

Your first step when building a spreadsheet is usually to enter the text data that defines the spreadsheet’s labels or headings. This is particularly important if other people will be reading or editing the spreadsheet, because the labels and headings help people make sense of the data, and help them understand the purpose of the spreadsheet. Most labels appear in the cell to the right or above where the data will appear, while most headings appear at the top of a column of data or to the left of a row of data.

Enter Text into a Cell.

Click the cell in which you want to enter the text.

Excel marks the current cell by surrounding it with a thick, black border.

Start typing your text.

Excel opens the cell for editing and displays the text as you type.

Your typing also appears in the Formula bar.

Note: Rather than typing the text directly into the cell, you can also type the text into the Formula bar.