Copy and Delete Worksheets in Excel

Copy & Delete Worksheets in Microsoft Excel


Copy a Worksheet: Excel enables you to make a copy of a worksheet, which is a useful technique if you require a new worksheet that is similar to an existing worksheet. Rather than re-creating the new worksheet from scratch, you can make a copy of an existing worksheet and then edit the copy as needed.

Although you will most often copy a worksheet within the same workbook, it is also possible to copy the worksheet to another workbook.

Delete a Worksheet: If you have a worksheet that you no longer need, you can delete it from the workbook. This reduces the size of the workbook, reduces clutter in the worksheet tabs, and makes the workbook easier to navigate. It is important to note that you cannot undo a worksheet deletion.

Therefore, it is always a good practice to check the worksheet contents carefully before proceeding with the deletion. If the worksheet contains any data you need but you still want to remove the worksheet, cut or copy the data and paste it into another worksheet.