Convert Time to Seconds in Microsoft Excel

Convert Time to Seconds in Microsoft Excel


Do you ever have had to show a data of time in seconds? In Excel Doing it is really simple and will take only a few seconds.

We are used to express the values of time in hours, minutes and seconds. But probably sometimes you need these values only time expressed in seconds. Suppose the following example.

Convert To Seconds Time Data Initial Input

In this example we have a data equivalent to 1 hour, 35 minutes and 15 seconds. To find quickly the number of seconds is sufficient to modify the format of the cell. Right click on the cell and select Format Cells option and should go to the Custom section.

Format Custom Cells Seconds

In the Type text box you should specify the custom format [ss] and click OK

Convert To Seconds Time Data Result

Excel will show the total of equivalent seconds of the time data in the cell.


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