Apply Conditional Format and Styles in Excel

Conditional Format and Styles in Excel




Apply a Conditional Format to a Range:

You can make a worksheet easier to analyze by applying a conditional format to a range. A conditional format is formatting that Excel applies only to cells that meet the condition you specify. For example, you can tell Excel to apply the formatting only if a cell’s value is greater than some specified amount. When you set up your conditional format, you can specify the font, border, and background pattern, which helps to ensure that the cells that meet your criteria stand out from the other cells in the range.

Apply a Style to a Range:

You can reduce the time it takes to format your worksheets by applying Excel’s predefined styles to your ranges. Excel comes with more than 20 predefined styles for different worksheet elements such as headings, as well as two dozen styles associated with the current document theme. Each style includes the number format, cell alignment, font typeface and size, border, and fill color.