Add Legends and Gridlines to an Excel Chart

Add Legends and Gridlines in an Excel Chart



Position the Chart Legend:

You can change the position of the chart legend, which is a box that appears alongside the chart and serves to identify the colors associated with each data series in the chart.



By default, the legend appears to the right of the chart’s plot area, but you might prefer a different location. For example, you might find the legend easier to read if it appears to the left of the chart. Alternatively, if you want more horizontal room to display your chart, you can move the legend above or below the chart.

Display Chart Gridlines:

You can make your chart easier to read and easier to analyze by adding gridlines. Horizontal gridlines extend from the vertical (value) axis and are useful with area, bubble, and column charts. Vertical gridlines extend from the horizontal (category) axis and are useful with bar and line charts. Major gridlines are gridlines associated with the major units: the values you see displayed on the vertical and horizontal axes; minor gridlines are gridlines associated with the minor units: values between each major unit.