Excel Create Child Sheets From Master

May 31, 2016 0

Recently my friend in Tasmania – Valerio – was kindly helping someone
online (the kindness of strangers).  The problem was as follows.  The
person had a master list and wanted to create child sheets from this master
list.  Sort of a parent to child type exercise where a single list will
produce multiple sheets (one to many – see image above).  The problem
arises when you have some sheets which have already been created and some
new sheets which need to be created.  As such we need to test for the
existence of the sheet.  In the following article I explore the VBA code
required to test if a sheet exists without the use of a traditional custom
function. Read More

Scandinavian Infograpic in Excel

May 30, 2016 0

The above infographic is one of my favourites of the Nordic region. It is
very simple and yet tells a story about 4 countries in Scandinavia. The
Excel infographic has the top 5 companies for each country (Iceland is
excluded due to its small size – sorry). It has data on career and staffing
data. There is some population metrics, GDP and GDP Growth which is low all
around the world as a result of the global downturn after 2008. Let’s hope
that ends soon. Read More